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Fenix Astro Empires guild started originally as WoG but has now became it's own entity.
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 Name: Ninos (HC spec)

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Name: Ninos (HC spec) Empty
PostSubject: Name: Ninos (HC spec)   Name: Ninos (HC spec) EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 10:50 am

Fighters 1,899,130
Heavy Bombers 47,633
Corvette 11,201
Recycler 128,864
Destroyer 7,080
Ion Frigate 3,950
Scout Ship 239
Cruiser 9,946
Carrier 1,138
Heavy Cruiser 31,559
Battleship 1,546
Fleet Carrier 3,816
Dreadnought 14
Leviathan 8

Fleet Size: 48,377,240

HC Spec. Goal 50k HC/2mil FT. Levis are gonna go up to 20 for raping small fleets
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Name: Ninos (HC spec)
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