Total Eclipse

Fenix Astro Empires guild started originally as WoG but has now became it's own entity.
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 Name: Dies Irae Rainbow specc

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Dies Irae

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PostSubject: Name: Dies Irae Rainbow specc   Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:29 pm

Fighters 804,690
Heavy Bombers 16,504
Corvette 13,241
Recycler 105,000
Destroyer 5,413
Scout Ship 90
Cruiser 6,530
Carrier 26
Heavy Cruiser 1
Battleship 1,097
Fleet Carrier 1,955

working on Fts, carrying cruisers for base hits and stuff, meat for the cruisers slowly getting phased out.
carrying some BS's for multi-purpose.
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Name: Dies Irae Rainbow specc
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