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Fenix Astro Empires guild started originally as WoG but has now became it's own entity.
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 Name: Niklor FR specc

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PostSubject: Name: Niklor FR specc   Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:22 am

Fighters 194 000
Recycler 10
Frigate 6 600
Scout Ship 5
Outpost Ship 1
Cruiser 20
Battleship 1
Dreadnought 2
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Sir posts a lot
Sir posts a lot

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PostSubject: Re: Name: Niklor FR specc   Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:19 am

Just a word of advise to you Niklor:

Both our accounts are roughly the same age (yours is 3 days older), you've got a long upgrade so you shouldn't have any growth problems.
However you've got a combined total of 1,919,440 fleet (compared to my 57,140,895), with lowish experience and a tech that's slightly higher then mine.
I suggest that you invest a lot more in building your fleet.

If you however have a reason why you're not building fleet you're off-course at full liberty to explain this.
But I really do think your account can flourish allot more when you increase your fleet amounts, which will in turn greatly help the guild.
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Name: Niklor FR specc
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